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The Infamous Rules for Women on Fox News Are Changing. You Just Have to Know Where to Look.

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the evolution of the appearance and dress code of female news anchors on the conservative Fox News network, particularly the network's emphasis on traditional feminine aesthetics and sex appeal.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] The Leg Cam and Sexism at Fox News

1. What were some of the ways Fox News commodified its female hosts?

  • The article mentions the "leg cam" - Fox News' tendency to use camera angles that highlight the legs of its female hosts
  • It also notes that the network has historically favored a traditionally feminine aesthetic for its female hosts, with features like painstakingly styled blond hair and form-fitting dresses

2. How did the Ailes scandal impact Fox News' treatment of women?

  • The article states that the Roger Ailes scandal, in which he was ousted over allegations of sexual harassment, revealed how the network's chauvinistic attitude permeated the workplace
  • This led to increased scrutiny of Fox News' treatment of women, though the article suggests the network's beauty standards for female hosts have not changed significantly since then

3. How has the use of the "leg cam" and emphasis on traditional femininity evolved at Fox News?

  • While the "leg cam" has not entirely gone away, the article notes some subtle changes, such as female hosts wearing more pants instead of short skirts
  • However, the overall aesthetic of Fox News women remains focused on traditional femininity, with an emphasis on blond hair, form-fitting dresses, and heavy makeup

[02] The Archetype of the "Fox News Woman"

1. What are the key characteristics of the "Fox News woman" archetype?

  • The article describes the "Fox News woman" as traditionally feminine, with features like painstakingly styled blond hair, form-fitting dresses, and a hint of sex appeal
  • This aesthetic is seen as making the female hosts relatable but non-threatening to the network's conservative audience

2. How has the network's representation of female hosts' appearances evolved over time?

  • While blond hair has historically been the dominant look, the article notes a subtle increase in diversity, with more brunettes, Hispanics, and "white ethnics" represented
  • However, the blond, traditionally feminine archetype is still prevalent, and the article suggests the network may prefer hiring former pageant winners and models

3. What role do clothing and accessories play in the "Fox News woman" aesthetic?

  • The article discusses how female hosts tend to wear form-fitting, brightly colored dresses and sheath dresses that are "somewhere between the club and professional attire"
  • Accessories like prominent jewelry, particularly cross necklaces, are also common and seen as a way to signal Christian values alongside the more sexualized style

[03] The Makeup and Glamour of Fox News

1. How does the makeup and overall aesthetic of Fox News women differ from other news networks?

  • According to the article, Fox News takes a "more-is-more" approach to makeup, with female hosts consistently wearing heavy, glamorous makeup regardless of the time of day or program
  • This contrasts with other networks, where makeup tends to be more context-dependent, with a more polished look in the evening versus the morning

2. What insights does the article provide about the role of the network's makeup artists?

  • The article includes an interview with a former Fox News makeup artist, Vincenza Carovillano, who says she would aim to give the women an extra "glam" look, adding highlighter, gloss, and lashes
  • This suggests the network actively encourages and cultivates the heavily made-up, glamorous aesthetic for its female hosts

3. How does the article suggest the overall aesthetic of Fox News women is evolving compared to other networks?

  • The article notes that while Fox News women remain firmly in the "glam" camp, other networks may be becoming slightly more "Fox-y" in their approach to makeup and appearance
  • However, the core Fox News aesthetic of traditional femininity and sex appeal appears to have remained relatively consistent over time
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