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Don’t Dismiss the Apple Vision Pro

🌈 Abstract

The article discusses the Apple Vision Pro, a virtual reality headset released by Apple. It explores the potential of the device, its current limitations, and how it could transform various aspects of entertainment and productivity.

🙋 Q&A

[01] Don't Dismiss the Apple Vision Pro

1. What were the author's initial impressions of the Apple Vision Pro?

  • The author cried the first time they used the Apple Vision Pro, as they were immersed in the virtual worlds and saw a crisp, vivid image of a child blowing out birthday candles, which made them realize the device's potential to bring empathy at scale.

2. What are the current limitations of the Apple Vision Pro?

  • The virtual reality content and third-party developer ecosystem are limited, with only a small amount of content available.
  • The device is too expensive, too heavy, and has poor battery life.

3. How does the Apple Vision Pro excel as an entertainment device?

  • Watching movies and TV shows on the Apple Vision Pro is a vastly superior experience to other options, as it provides a crystal-clear, IMAX-size screen that transforms the viewing experience.
  • The author's main complaint is the lack of an on-screen clock, as they keep losing track of time while using the device.

4. Why is it important not to dismiss the Apple Vision Pro as an expendable gadget?

  • The device's technological breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize computing and fundamentally alter how we take in the world around us, if Apple can fulfill the promise of virtual reality.

[02] The screen replacement

1. How does the Apple Vision Pro compare to other screen experiences?

  • The Vision Pro is superior to the average movie theater experience, with image quality similar to a mid-upper-range OLED TV, but in a larger, more immersive format.
  • The Vision Pro can also enhance the medium screen experience by providing an ergonomic, focused work setup.

2. What are the limitations of the Vision Pro as a virtual reality device?

  • The device lacks a robust selection of usable virtual reality experiences, with only a small amount of content available.
  • The high cost and Apple's 30% App Store fees make it difficult for independent developers to create content for the Vision Pro.

3. How does the Vision Pro impact the user's relationship with digital distractions?

  • The Vision Pro demands the user be more focused and present, as it makes it harder to mindlessly scroll through apps and social media feeds.
  • The effort of taking the device off helps the user unplug from the digital world.

4. What improvements does the author suggest Apple needs to make to the Vision Pro?

  • Make the device much lighter and more comfortable, and drop the price by at least 30 to 40 percent.
  • Significantly invest in the developer and media ecosystem to increase the available content.
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