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Replacing Judges with Juries: Evaluating LLM Generations with a Panel of Diverse Models

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The article discusses the Lake Eyre basin, a large endorheic basin in central Australia. It covers the geography, rivers, and water sources that fill Lake Eyre.

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[01] Lake Eyre Basin

1. Where does the water come from to fill Lake Eyre? The water that fills Lake Eyre comes from the rivers in the Lake Eyre basin, including the Cooper Creek, Finke River, Georgina River, and Diamantina River. These rivers originate in the surrounding regions and flow towards Lake Eyre, with the amount of water reaching the lake depending on the monsoon season.

2. What are some other major lakes in the Lake Eyre basin? Other major lakes in the Lake Eyre basin include Lake Frome, Lake Yamma Yamma, and Lake Hart.

3. How does the flow of water into Lake Eyre compare to other major rivers? The article notes that the flow of the Mississippi River could fill Lake Eyre in 22 days, while the flow of the Amazon River could fill it in just 3 days. This highlights the relatively small amount of water that typically reaches Lake Eyre compared to major river systems.

4. What is the average rainfall in the area of Lake Eyre? The average rainfall in the area of Lake Eyre is around 150mm per year, which is very low.

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