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Surreal scenes from the streets of Tokyo

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses a new photo book by Chinese photographer Feng Li that explores the historical center of street photography through images of strange encounters in Tokyo.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Feng Li's Photo Book "Tokyo"

1. What is the focus of Feng Li's new photo book "Tokyo"?

  • The book documents Feng Li's time exploring the expansive city of Tokyo, while also celebrating the art of street photography, with the city as a backdrop for one of the practice's historical centers.

2. How did Feng Li approach the project of photographing in Tokyo?

  • Feng Li spent three weeks in Tokyo, walking around the city and taking hundreds of pictures each day. He even had the opportunity to visit the studio of legendary Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama, who had a significant influence on Feng Li.

3. What are the key characteristics of Feng Li's photographs in the book?

  • Feng Li's surreal, vivid pictures express his distinctive, arresting style of photography. The photographs are laced with humor and feature Tokyo's distinctive iconography and visual design. There is a sense of looseness and frantic, fast-paced shooting in the images.

4. How did Feng Li produce the book?

  • Feng Li had the photos printed at a street printing shop in Tokyo on the same day he took them. The book was published by the time he returned to China, three weeks later, reflecting his preferred "rhythm" for the project.

[02] Feng Li's Perspective on Street Photography

1. What does Feng Li find fascinating about street photography and the city of Tokyo?

  • Feng Li is drawn to the "complex web of contradictions, cultural amalgamation, conflict, and relationships between people" that he observes on the streets of Tokyo. He loves standing at intersections and watching the crowds pour in like a "tidal wave", especially on weekends when people seem to stay out all night.

2. How does Feng Li describe the nature of street photography?

  • Feng Li sees the street as a "real and intense" stage for the "drama that never ends", and a "window through which [he] can see the diversity of human nature". He finds the street to be a source of excitement and tension, with every moment being "unforgettable".
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