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Sam Altman Clearly Freaked Out by Reaction to News of OpenAI Silencing Former Employees

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article discusses the recent challenges faced by OpenAI, including the controversial comparisons made by CEO Sam Altman, the departures of high-powered researchers, and the company's use of non-disclosure agreements for departing employees.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] OpenAI's Challenges

1. What were the key challenges faced by OpenAI this week?

  • OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman made an unforced error by comparing the upcoming ChatGPT 4o to the dark 2013 romance film "Her", leading to negative headlines.
  • Two high-powered researchers left the company, with one harshly criticizing OpenAI's purported lack of commitment to controlling any future superintelligent AI.
  • OpenAI was reported to have a draconian non-disclosure agreement for departing employees, which stipulated that they could never criticize the company in the future.

2. How did OpenAI respond to the criticism?

  • OpenAI's leadership, particularly CEO Sam Altman, went into damage control mode.
  • Altman stated that OpenAI has never clawed back anyone's vested equity and that the company is in the process of fixing the standard exit paperwork.
  • OpenAI president Greg Brockman published a lengthy response, stating that the company needs to have a tight feedback loop, rigorous testing, and collaboration with governments and stakeholders on safety.

3. What is the key question remaining about OpenAI's response?

  • It's unclear whether Altman and Brockman are saying that former employees can now speak out about the company's approach to hot-button issues, or if they are just trying to defuse the outrage before continuing to try to keep ex-workers quiet.
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