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The article discusses the key stories and trends at the Cannes advertising conference, including the Musk/Yaccarino apology tour, the launch of Michael Kassan's new firm C3, and the rise of AI-focused companies like Nvidia and Tempus AI. It also touches on the broader trend of "AI washing" where companies try to position themselves as AI-focused to attract investor interest, even if their actual AI capabilities are limited.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] The Musk/Yaccarino Apology Tour and Michael Kassan's New Firm

1. What was the reception to the Musk/Yaccarino apology tour at Cannes? The article states that the Musk/Yaccarino apology tour received a "slightly cooler reception than if Milli Vanilli showed up at Spotify Beach", with the ad community responding "No Elon, really, you can go fuck YOURself."

2. What did the author say about Michael Kassan hosting the kickoff dinner for his new firm C3 on the terrace overlooking the party for his former firm MediaLink? The author described this as a "dick move", stating that "CEOs with ovaries don't do this shit." Kassan responded by saying "You mean, a big dick move."

[02] The Rise of AI-Focused Companies

1. What are some examples of companies that have positioned themselves as AI-focused? The article mentions Nvidia, OpenAI/Microsoft, Tempus AI,, Octopus Energy, Starbucks, and Kellogg's as companies that have emphasized their AI capabilities.

2. How has Tempus AI in particular leveraged AI in its marketing and IPO? Tempus AI mentioned the term "AI" 228 times in its IPO paperwork, even adding "AI" to the end of its name. However, the AI Applications segment currently only accounts for 2% of the company's revenue.

3. What are some signs that the "golden age of AI washing" may be slowing down? The article mentions that regulators like the SEC and FTC are starting to crack down on companies making false claims about their AI capabilities. It also notes that the stock prices of some AI-focused companies like have declined significantly from their post-IPO highs.

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