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Brief Thoughts and Observations on Yesterday’s ‘Let Loose’ iPad Keynote

🌈 Abstract

The article discusses the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models announced by Apple, including details about their design, features, and pricing.

🙋 Q&A

[01] New iPad Pro and iPad Air Models

1. What are the key features of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models?

  • The new 13-inch iPad Pro models feature:
    • M4 chip, which is more efficient and allows for thinner and lighter designs
    • Tandem OLED "Ultra Retina XDR" displays, described as the "world's best displays"
    • Thinner and lighter designs compared to previous models
  • The new 13-inch iPad Air model:
    • Adds a larger screen size option to the iPad Air lineup
    • Features the M2 chip, similar to the iPad Pro but with slightly less powerful configurations

2. How do the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models fit into Apple's iPad lineup?

  • The new iPad Air fills the gap between the regular iPad and the iPad Pro, offering a larger screen size at a lower price point than the iPad Pro
  • Apple has now clarified the iPad lineup into three tiers: good (regular iPad), better (iPad Air), and best (iPad Pro)
  • This helps make it easier for consumers to choose the right iPad for their needs and budget

3. What are the pricing and storage options for the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models?

  • The 13-inch iPad Pro starts at $1,000 for the 256GB Wi-Fi model, with options up to 2TB of storage and cellular connectivity
  • The 13-inch iPad Air starts at $800 for the 256GB Wi-Fi model, with options up to 1TB of storage and cellular connectivity
  • There are various storage and connectivity options available for both the iPad Pro and iPad Air

[02] Apple Pencil Updates

1. What are the key updates to the Apple Pencil lineup?

  • Apple has introduced a new "Apple Pencil Pro" model, which adds features like haptic feedback and a squeeze gesture
  • The new Pencil Pro works with both the iPad Pro and iPad Air models
  • Apple continues to sell the older Pencil 2 model, leading to a lineup of 4 different Pencil models

2. How does the Pencil lineup complexity compare to other Apple accessories?

  • The author argues that the Pencil lineup complexity is not as confusing as it may seem, as users typically choose a Pencil based on the iPad they purchase, similar to how users choose iPhone cases.
  • The author suggests that the reason Apple cannot offer a single universal Pencil is due to the company's past resistance to moving the iPad's front-facing camera to the long side of the device.

[03] Other Observations

1. What are some other notable observations from the article?

  • The new iPad Pros only have a single rear-facing camera, dropping the previous ultra-wide lens
  • Apple is offering a nano-texture display option for the iPad Pro, similar to the Pro Display XDR, but with a glossy bezel
  • Apple is doing some chip-binning, with the higher storage models of the iPad Pro having more powerful CPU and RAM configurations

2. What is the author's opinion on the event name "Let Loose"?

  • The author admits they have no idea how the event name "Let Loose" is applicable to the announcements made during the event.
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