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I’m Unemployed for Over Two Years (as a software engineer)

🌈 Abstract

The article discusses the author's experience as a software engineer, the challenges of finding a job in the tech industry, and provides advice for those interested in pursuing a career in programming.

🙋 Q&A

[01] Advice for those not passionate about programming

1. What is the author's advice for those who are not passionate about programming but want to make money?

  • The author advises those who are not passionate about programming to find a different career, as programming is already challenging enough even for those who enjoy it.

[02] Importance of having a side project

1. What does the author recommend for those who enjoy programming?

  • The author recommends finding a job and doing the necessary preparation, but also relying on something other than that income, such as starting a YouTube channel, a Medium account, etc. This is to ensure you have an additional income source in case the job no longer exists.
  • Having a side project can also help improve your skills, as explaining and teaching what you've learned can help you identify and strengthen your weaknesses.

[03] Focusing on fundamentals

1. What does the author advise regarding studying algorithms and data structures?

  • The author recommends focusing on algorithms and data structures as much as possible, as these are timeless and always relevant, rather than spending time on tutorials that teach how to use tools.

[04] Finding a mentor

1. What does the author suggest regarding finding a mentor?

  • The author recommends finding a mentor who can not only teach but also uplift, inspire, and encourage you during tough times. The mentor should be a timeless friend who will always be there for you, have your back, and advocate for you.
  • The author also suggests finding people to mentor yourself, as it is gratifying and brings good karma.

[05] Developing a long-term plan

1. What does the author advise regarding a long-term plan?

  • The author suggests focusing on a ten-year plan, as it takes time to master the craft of programming. There are no shortcuts, and it's impossible to know everything and become an expert. Humility and acknowledging your shortcomings will be valuable.

[06] Being kind to yourself

1. What is the author's advice regarding self-kindness?

  • The author encourages being kind to yourself, as nothing worthwhile comes easy. When you feel inadequate, it's important to remember that it's normal and that you may know more than a developer with more experience.
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