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Introducing Copilot+ PCs - The Official Microsoft Blog

๐ŸŒˆ Abstract

The article introduces a new category of Windows PCs called Copilot+ PCs, which are designed for AI and offer powerful new features and capabilities. These PCs are said to be the fastest and most intelligent Windows PCs ever built, with advanced AI-powered features like Recall, Cocreator, and Live Captions.

๐Ÿ™‹ Q&A

[01] Introduction to Copilot+ PCs

1. What are the key features and capabilities of Copilot+ PCs?

  • Copilot+ PCs are designed for AI and offer powerful new features:
    • Incredibly fast performance with 40+ TOPS (trillion operations per second)
    • All-day battery life
    • Access to advanced AI models
    • Recall feature to easily find and remember content on your PC
    • Cocreator to generate and refine AI images in near real-time
    • Live Captions that translate audio from 40+ languages into English in real-time

2. What is the new system architecture of Copilot+ PCs?

  • Copilot+ PCs have a new system architecture that brings together the power of the CPU, GPU, and a new high-performance Neural Processing Unit (NPU)
  • This allows them to achieve a level of AI performance never seen before, being up to 20x more powerful and 100x more efficient for running AI workloads compared to previous PCs

3. What are the improvements to Windows and app experiences on Copilot+ PCs?

  • Windows now has the best implementation of apps on the fastest chip, starting with Qualcomm
  • There are more native Arm64 experiences than ever before, including fast implementations of Microsoft 365 apps
  • Many popular apps like Chrome, Spotify, Zoom, and more now run natively on Arm for great performance
  • A powerful new emulator called Prism allows apps to run great, whether native or emulated

[02] Security and Privacy

1. How are Copilot+ PCs secured out of the box?

  • Every Copilot+ PC comes secured out of the box with the Microsoft Pluton Security processor enabled by default
  • Windows 11 has been updated with new features, updates, and defaults to make it easy for users to stay secure
  • Personalized privacy controls have been built in to help users protect what's important to them

[03] Recall

1. What is the Recall feature and how does it work?

  • Recall allows users to access virtually everything they have seen or done on their PC, like having a photographic memory
  • Copilot+ PCs organize information based on relationships and associations unique to each user's experiences
  • This helps users remember and quickly find content they may have forgotten, using cues they remember

2. How does Recall ensure privacy?

  • Recall leverages the user's personal semantic index, which is built and stored entirely on the device
  • Users have control over their snapshots and can delete individual ones, adjust or delete ranges of time, or pause Recall entirely
  • Users can also filter apps and websites from ever being saved, maintaining full privacy and control

[04] Cocreator and Image Editing

1. What are the key features of Cocreator and image editing on Copilot+ PCs?

  • Cocreator allows users to combine ink strokes with text prompts to generate new images in nearly real-time, with the ability to refine and evolve the artwork
  • Restyle Image in the Photos app lets users reimagine personal photos with new styles, and generate endless images for free and fast
  • These experiences are powered by the NPU and local small language models for optimal performance and privacy

[05] Partner Integrations

1. What are some of the key partner integrations and AI-powered experiences on Copilot+ PCs?

  • Adobe's flagship apps like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Express are coming to Copilot+ PCs, optimized for the NPU
  • Other apps like DaVinci Resolve, CapCut, Cephable, LiquidText, and Algoriddim's djay Pro are leveraging the NPU for new AI-powered features

[06] Live Captions and Camera Effects

1. What are the Live Captions and camera effects features on Copilot+ PCs?

  • Live Captions can translate any audio from over 40 languages into English subtitles in real-time, even offline
  • New camera effects include Portrait Light, creative filters, eye contact teleprompter, and improvements to voice focus and portrait blur

[07] Copilot AI Assistant

1. What is the new Copilot AI assistant experience on Copilot+ PCs?

  • Every Copilot+ PC comes with a personal AI agent called Copilot, accessible with a single tap on the new Copilot key
  • Copilot will have a streamlined, powerful, and personal design, with access to the latest AI models like GPT-4o

[08] Availability and Pricing

1. When and where will Copilot+ PCs be available, and what is the pricing?

  • Pre-orders for Copilot+ PCs begin today, with availability starting on June 18
  • Copilot+ PCs will be available from Microsoft Surface and OEM partners like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung
  • Pricing starts at $999, which is up to $200 less than similar spec'd devices

[09] Commercial Deployment

1. How can businesses deploy and manage Copilot+ PCs?

  • Copilot+ PCs can be deployed and managed by businesses using the same tools and processes as for other Windows PCs
  • IT admins are recommended to begin testing and readying for deployment to empower their workforce with the powerful AI features on these high-performance devices
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